Sorter Machine

Automatic sorting equipment refers to a machine that transfers items containing specific information to a designated location according to a preset computer program.It is generally composed of control device, sorting device, conveying device and sorting crossing.It can realize the continuous operation of automatic sorting of goods according to the needs of users.Sorting conveyor is one of the key equipment in industrial automation, warehouse and logistics distribution, which is usually used with DWS equipment.According to the sorting method and the structure of the sorter, it can be divided into many different types.Here we mainly introduce the cross belt sorter, the balance wheel sorter and the narrow belt sorter.

Wheel Sorter

Sorter Application Areas

Automatic sorting machine can efficiently handle large quantities of goods sorting, solve the problem of low efficiency and poor accuracy of manual sorting, and has been widely used in supermarket industry, e-commerce industry, clothing and shoes industry, fresh distribution and other industries

Cross belt sorter

The cross belt sorting machine is a conveyor composed of several equally spaced belts driven by the main driving track. Through the left and right movement of the belt, the goods are conveyed to the designated grid opening to achieve rapid sorting of goods.The cross belt sorter is the most efficient of the many sorters.According to the forward direction of the main drive track, it can be divided into linear cross belt sorting machine and annular cross belt sorting machine.The width of the belt supports customization. In order to be compatible with larger and heavier package sorting, we have developed a high-speed narrow-band sorter.The main drive of the linear sorter is a reciprocating motion in the vertical direction, which occupies a small area.The main drive of the ring sorter is reciprocating in the horizontal direction, which occupies a larger area but supports more sorting cells.

Wheel sorter

It is also known as inclined guide wheel, deflection wheel sorting machine and modular balance wheel sorting machine.The invention relates to a sorting device which uses a plurality of groups of independent rotating rollers which are arranged on each diverter in turn and can be flexibly turned, and the sorting purpose is achieved by changing the direction of the contact surface rollers for receiving articles to drive the sorting articles to turn.It is an ideal sorting equipment for medium and small sorting speed requirements, with the characteristics of high efficiency, high accuracy, high load, light application and zero loss of sorting.

Narrow Belt Sorter

The narrow belt sorting machine uses multiple narrow belts with equal spacing as the conveying surface, and uses the drum jacking transfer machine as the sorting device, which can be used for two-way 90 ° sorting. Designed into a modular structure, a set of narrow-band sorting machine is composed of a plurality of independent modules, and each module can be used independently or connected for integrated use.Suitable for small, lightweight packages, it is a very flexible and economical sorting solution.

Warehouse sorter meaning

E-commerce, express delivery, logistics transfer station, postal, fresh cold chain, food, beverage, medicine, 3C, electronics, daily chemicals and other industries usually need large warehouses to handle large quantities of goods (parcels) efficiently and accurately. With the increasing number of parcels to be handled, manual sorting alone can no longer meet the needs of modern warehousing management.SorterTop develops various warehouse sorting machines such as balance wheel sorting machine, linear narrow-band sorting machine, linear cross belt sorting machine and circular cross belt sorting machine according to different needs of customers, and is equipped with perfect products and services such as DWS equipment, environmental protection packaging equipment, intelligent detection equipment, high-speed printing and labeling machine, warehouse management system, warehouse logistics solutions, etc.

What is sorter management software

Sorting management software is an important part of warehouse management system, which collects the volume, weight, bar code and sorting information of goods through DWS to sort and manage warehouse goods.Warehouse management system is an important part of warehouse management.It can manage warehouse products and ensure the safety of products storage and the orderliness of warehouse management through the operations of warehousing, transfer, inventory, disassembly and review of warehouse goods.

Why is sorting machine important

The traditional manual sorting mode has the disadvantages of low sorting efficiency, high failure rate, slow timeliness, high cost and so on, which can not meet the characteristics of large batch and high complexity of modern logistics.The sorting machine can continuously operate in large quantities, the sorting error rate is very low, the sorting operation is basically unmanned, and the whole process can be monitored in real time. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low failure rate, continuous operation and low cost, which provides a solid infrastructure condition for the rapid development of the logistics industry.

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