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Our products are divided into three main categories, one is DWS, DWS includes, static DWS, dynamic DWS, DWS 5-side sweep, DWS 6-side sweep, DWS+Sorting. Another category is sorters, which include high-speed narrow belt sorters, linear crossbelt sorters, ring crossbelt sorters, pendulum sorters, narrow belt sorters, and finally, we offer a variety of logistics sortation lines, including ring cross belt sorting lines, linear sortation lines, and linear sorting lines.

DWS equipment is a type of intelligent logistics equipment that integrates automatic volume measurement, (dynamic) weighing and dynamic code scanning of goods (parcels).According to the degree of automation

Automatic sorting equipment refers to a machine that transfers items containing specific information to a designated location according to a preset computer program.

The loop crossbelt sorter consists of four main parts: the infeed system, the sorter trolley, the parcel discharge system and the control system.

Narrow Belt Sorting Machine is a non-standard, customised sorting line, which is a belt conveyor consisting of multiple narrow belts spaced at equal intervals.

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About Us

Guangdong Situo Logistics Technology Co,a joint venture established by three powerful logistics technology companies in mainland China

is committed to sharing the experience of intelligent detection and sorting in logistics, e-commerce, and warehousing in mainland China.

It has two production bases in Dongguan and Foshan, and an operation center in Hangzhou. The number of companies in the company is Over 200 people, production area over 20,000 square meters

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