DWS+Pendulum Wheel Sorter

This DWS+Pendulum Wheel Sorter equipment was customized for a cross-border e-commerce supply chain service company and has been operating stably for 3 years.


DWS device code reading function test. Our engineers at a customer site preparing the machine for final testing in 2018.

SF site DWS Machine testing

This is the SF custom DWS(6 sides barcode reading) , which can achieve six-sided dead-end reading code, reducing the difficulty of placing the package

Maintaining DWS equipment

Resident engineers are at the customer’s site to do routine maintenance work on the equipment. From the engineer’s field log, taken in 2018.

DWS equipment is running smoothly

Taken at the ZTO Express site, we can see a DWS device in steady operation.

Adjusting the placement of packages

This is a standard version of the DWS device, equipped with only the top scanning module, which requires manual or mechanical placement of the side of the package with the face sheet information on the top side.

An ingenious device

Using a clever approach, it is easy to achieve the automatic movement of parcels to the left with simple structure, stable operation and affordable price.

Best logistics unloading site

This is the site of Best Logistics’ freight transfer station, where the machine is scanning the parcel’s information and sorting the parcel to the designated location according to the preset designation.

A set of economic sorter

This is a set of Pivoting Arm Sorter. This variety of sorter can be relatively inexpensive compared to other solutions. For an operation that handles and processes cases of the proper size, they can be incredibly effective and reliable.

Dealing with abnormal situations

Shot at the UCE Express site, the height of the parcel exceeds the maximum depth of field of the scanning camera, and the worker reads the code operation to the large parcel through the scanning gun.

DWS machine testing

This is a non-standard board DWS device customized by Jingdong, which also includes body measurement, weighing and sweeping functions. The engineer is doing the final test work. Shot in 2017.

Multifunctional DWS acceptance

The customer was at the equipment acceptance site and the machine had been running smoothly for more than one hour. The customer expressed his satisfaction with our DWS equipment.

5 sides scanning working site

Dynamic DWS Machine (5 side scanning) is an extension of the top-side reading solution, with all the features of the top-side DWS, but with further improvements in sorting efficiency.

E-commerce delivery site

The customer warehouse is on the third floor and is sorting packages that need to be shipped today via DWS and conveying them to the trucks on the first floor.

Continues to work smoothly

On Black Friday in China, workers have worked 3 shifts and the machines have been working continuously for more than 16 hours.

Belt conveyor telescope test

Engineers train workers to operate the belt conveyor telescope at the customer’s site.

Ten DWS machines in operation

Photographed at the YTO Express transit warehouse, all ten DWS machines manufactured by SorterTop are in smooth operation.

E-commerce delivery site

The Narrow belt sorter sorts packages one by one into 30 baskets as specified, and these items are delivered safely to the customer.

The Narrow belt sorter

The narrow belt sorter which takes up little space, is flexible and can be configured at an affordable price.

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